Dream Home Supply has the largest selection of in-stock cabinet door styles in Southeast Ohio!

We have a wide variety of door styles in many color/stain options for rapid availability through our Pronto line. You can even re-face your cabinets with our custom line if you have good quality cabinets that just need a style, color, or design change.

You simply can't find the selection and options we have available for your kitchen cabinets anywhere else in our area for the prices we can offer you due to our relationships with major cabinet component manufacturers!


Rustic Hickory Shaker Cabinets

Overseeing a renovation job is similar in many ways to conducting an orchestra. If one section of the project isn’t there to play its part, the show simply can’t go on. That’s why contractors appreciate the importance of setting—and keeping—work schedules.

Besides the obvious inconvenience, even minor delays can end up being quite expensive. Ultimately, for the job to get done on budget and on time, all parties involved must uphold the initial project plan and schedule.

Pure White Cabinets

If you’ve ever worked on a kitchen remodel, you know that most cabinets orders can take 6-12 weeks or more to be delivered, with custom work taking as long as six months. Not anymore!!! 

That means you no longer need to wait weeks for your cabinetry; on the contrary, those cabinets can now ready for you in 7-10 business days with our Pronto line of cabinets. 

Cabinet Organizers

The variability in a kitchen cabinet project can be especially problematic because, in many kitchens, the cabinets must be delivered and installed before many other aspects of the project can get under way—sink plumbing, for instance, or appliance installation. Coordinating a satisfactory timeline can therefore be a real challenge.

Dream Home Supply now enables you to sidestep the hassles that cabinets can so often introduce to kitchen remodeling. Dream Home Supply now offers a wide variety of cabinets from major cabinet manufacturers from coast to coast. 

Upton Brown Kitchen

Our line up of cabinets come in a broad mix of styles, ranging from classic to ultra-contemporary. If you are looking for something specific and don't see it in our offerings, just let us know and we'll work together to get you the style your dreaming of.

Aria Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Please take some time to explore our options for your new kitchen project. And remember, we can also eliminate another step in shopping for your kitchen project by utilizing DHS for your countertops, sink, faucet, hardware, and other components you will need to complete the project!