About Dream Home Supply, Ltd.

Thank you for wanting to know more about who we are and what we do!

We are a designer home goods store that is open to consumers, builders, decorators, and anyone that is looking to get the most for their home or business project's budget. It doesn't matter what items you may be looking for in that project. We have the ability to source it at prices that rival and most times are much lower than any retailer online or in a storefront... anywhere!

This business was started on a simple idea in 2013 that "everyone wants to shop local" and especially if value can meet or exceed the big box stores and major online retailers. And that is exactly what we deliver!

When someone purchases something from an online retailer such as Amazon.com, Home Depot.com, Wayfair.com, and others but it arrives and is either not what they expected, they changed their mind, or maybe it was even damaged... it gets returned.

However, those returns don't go directly back on the shelf to be resold to another consumer. They go into the warehouse to be sold to distribution centers across the country for possible resale depending on the condition of the item, but there are times that a lot of those items just go in the dumpster due to shipping damage.

Due to that, we saw an immediate opportunity to keep the bulk of those types of items out of our country's landfills, by purchasing, repairing and customizing those items for resale in like-new or better than new condition. 

This is a win-win-win for our eco-system, our clients, and our business, and we can do it for prices that are better than you can find them for anywhere else on the internet or in any other brick and mortar storefront.

Plus, there are many times that we can customize those items to our client's specifications such as damaged vanities that have cracked granite or marble from shipping mishaps. In other words, we are turning someone else's lemons into your lemonade!

The best way to understand how this works is to come into our studio or search through our online store to check out some of the items we come across during our travels and picking through those billions of dollars of items that are returned items from online sales.

So, we invite you to give us a call and see what we can find to customize your home building, remodeling, or redecorating project. If you see it online at one of the retailers we mentioned above, there is a good chance we'll come across it during our travels. Just remember to give us enough lead time to be able to look for your style, colors, and sizes. 

You'll have a hard time finding a store like ours anywhere else in the country, but you can find us here in the heart of Ohio at the crossroads of Interstate 70 & 77! 

Come see us and learn how we can work together to guarantee that your project will be different than everyone else's and your project's budget will go further with us than it will anywhere else!!!

While we enjoy the discovery of those return goods and finding deals for your projects, we also offer many related services that are growing in number as our business grows and referrals keep pouring in. Those services include, but are not limited to:

- Custom concrete countertops (even over existing laminate or other countertop surfaces)

- Concrete and epoxy flooring (really cool stuff here, and you can find more out about this in our flooring tab on the website)

- Faux wall and ceiling finishes (like you've seen no where else)

- Resurfacing over driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, and practically anything else you can imagine to cover up. Our overlay process is stampable so we can achieve the looks of stamped concrete over your existing concrete without tearing out and repouring new concrete.

- Custom Cabinetry available in 100's, if not 1,000's of different finish options at quality you would be paying $1,000's more from anywhere else!

- Have an idea for something that you don't see here??? Challenge us! We have a great network of suppliers and preferred contractors that are there to help us meet the challenge!!!

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to discussing your project very soon!

OH, and don't forget... if you don't see it in our store... it certainly doesn't mean we can't deliver what you're looking for!