Decorative Concrete Wall Panels

We are now manufacturing premium stone veneer panels right here in Southeast Ohio at our Cambridge, OH location. You won't find a product like ours at any of the big box retailers like Home Depot, Lowe's, or Menards at any price. 

When you deal directly with the manufacturer, you can enjoy features that other veneer stone options just can't match such as custom coloration and on-site technical assistance! 



Our panels are made with a proprietary GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) mix that has been developed over the past 10 years to withstand extreme temperatures and last a lifetime.

Due to the fact that we do use glass fibers in our panels, they will also provide an additional level of insulation value that you just don't get from traditional veneer stone. (We even have options to achieve up to R-50!)

This can also be a DIY project and you can even get a little help from our team to get you started. Just ask us about this unique option whether you're a contractor or an ambitious homeowner. 

Every panel we produce is custom colored to our client's specifications to coordinate with your unique design tastes and styles. We will also be offering a class for coloring your own panels if you choose our DIY option.

Wall Panels are NOT just for siding and walls, they are perfect for back-splashes, outdoor kitchens, and here's a great tip....it only takes a few panels to create a high-end water wall.

A REALISTIC STONE LOOK THAT LASTS!   Our wall panels are the most realistic stone look you will find on the market. Pictures do not even do them justice!  The special design mix allows the panels to go up easily & efficiently... especially since they go up at 12 sq. ft. at a time! 


Each wall panel measures approximately: 36" H x 48" W and they can be cut with a circular saw or masonry grinder and installed with concrete "T" nails or screws. Installation videos are available for the DIY projects!

Most backsplash panels measure approximately: 12" H x 24" W and they can be installed the same as traditional tile on the wall or backsplash. Just like the wall panels, these panels can also be cut with a standard circular saw or masonry grinder.

Support a local Cambridge, Ohio company by contacting us for an appointment to begin your free design consultation!

Please keep checking back and stay on the look out for our new panel options and designs as we are constantly innovating and trying to stay on the leading edge of this industry by bringing you unique options that simply can't be found anywhere else!!!


Exterior Applications



Interior Applications

Miscellaneous Photos



Wall or Backsplash Panels

(Approximately 12"x 24", with Custom Coloration)

Arch Stone

Barn Wood #1

Barn Wood #2

Barn Wood #3

Barn Wood #4

Barn Wood #5

Barn Wood #6

Brick Slate

Castle Stone

Fractured Quartz #1

Fractured Quartz #2

Fractured Quartz #3

Fractured Quartz #4

Fractured Quartz #5

Fractured Quartz #6

Gem Collection

Granite 1"x 1" Pattern

Granite 1"x 2" Pattern

Granite 2"x 2" Pattern

Lively Stone #1 

Lively Stone #2

Lively Stone #3

Lively Stone #4

Lively Stone #5

Lively Stone #6

Mayan Stone (8"x 24")

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Micro Slate

Micro Slate Listello (4"x 24")

Post Wood

Fractured Rock 4"x 4" pattern

Rugged Ashlar Slate (12"x 14")

Rugged Ashlar Slate 2"x 2" Pattern (12"x 14")

Slate 1"x 1" Pattern (12"x 24")

Random Slate (12"x 24")

Slate 4"x 4" Pattern (12"x 24")

Stone Tile #1

Stone Tile #2

Stone Tile #3

Stone Tile #4

Stone Tile #5

Tiger Wood 4"x 4" Pattern (12"x 24")

Tiger Wood 3"x 3" Pattern (12"x 24")

Travertine 2"x 2" Pattern (12"x 24")

Travertine (12"x 24")

Wood Log #1 (12"x 24")

Wood Log #2 (12"x 24")

Wood Log #3 (12"x 24")


.....More styles to be introduced as soon as they come available since

innovation is always happening here at DHS!!!